Sweet Harmony Across America!

Why hire our company to provide you with local musicians for your event? Because we have a special talent for finding great professional people, and because Sweet Harmony stands for excellence in sound and service. By finding musicians who think like us and meet our established standard, we’re building the network all the time. You’ll also get access to our extensive song lists and genuine care. We’ll give you a specialized quote for your area and type of event, so please ask!

Danville, Alabama ~ May 12, 2019

When groom Kirk called Sweet Harmony, little did he know he’d be getting the violin Concertmaster of the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra, as well as a cellist with The Scorpions rock group, to play for his wedding! Sweet Harmony delivered! These stunning photographs were taken by Jodi Hyde Photography. Congrats “Captain Kirk” and beautiful bride Jackie!

cellistviolinist and cellist - black and whiteviolinist and cellist

Sarasota, Florida ~ March 9, 2019

Karolyn knew what music she was looking for, got on Google, and found Sweet Harmony. We were excited to find a beautiful, affordable local duo for her sweet church ceremony! Her song “All of Me” had to be just right. Thanks to violinist Valeria and guitarist Jordan, Karolyn told us “It was beautiful! I loved the music!”. Warmest congratulations to Karolyn & LeMarr!

This lovely photo was taken by Franklyn Douglas.

Southaven, Mississippi ~ February 16, 2019

Ruendy and Lauren relied on the Sweet Harmony String Quartet to provide all of the music for their church ceremony. We planned it carefully with their priest, since Catholic mass weddings have plenty of music! Violist Beth Luscombe led the group and prepared the music. Congratulations, Ruendy and Lauren!

Dade City, Florida ~ November 10, 2018

Congratulations to Dade City bride and groom Charlene & Matthew! They hired a Sweet Harmony string trio for their ceremony and cocktail hour, with our military discount for Matt’s service. We brought in violist Valeria Frege to captain the group, with violinist Leah Rothe and cellist John Chatterton. In Matt’s words: “I’ll never forget planting our tree for the tree ceremony and hearing The Little Mermaid (Kiss the Girl) in the background. Unforgettable.” Here are the musicians outside at this lovely home wedding.Wedding Violinist, Violist, Cellist Outdoors

Peabody, Massachusetts ~ November 3, 2018

Bryan wanted to make everything perfect for his beautiful bride Amanda, so he booked a Sweet Harmony violinist and cellist for their program of cool modern pop songs (including the music from Game of Thrones!). We found Rebecca Shaw and Joy Grimes and made sure of the details for the day. Afterwards, Bryan wrote: “Everything was amazing and our family and friends loved the string duo. We got so many compliments and they rocked! Thank you for all your help and quick responses. You’re simply amazing and I appreciate everything.” Congratulations, Bryan & Amanda, and you’re so welcome! Read Bryan’s review on TheKnot here (from Bryan B on 4/23/19).

Wedding Violinist and Cellist

Danville, California ~ September 22, 2018

Elizabeth & Gundy got married outdoors in an exquisite home wedding. To play for them, Sweet Harmony hired local musicians Grijda Spiri (Greek violinist extraordinaire) and Betty Wu (highly accomplished cellist). They performed the bride’s favorite music list of classics and timeless romantic songs! These beautiful images of our musicians were captured by Valentina Kohnenkampf of MYMK Photography.

wedding ceremony outdoors backyard

Elizabeth and Gundy’s adorable backyard setting, with their violinist and cellist seated under a patio umbrella.

violinist and cellist performing indoors

Grijda and Betty play elegant music for the cocktail guests.

violinist and cellist smiling and playing

Grijda and Betty share a smile as the music plays on! (Photo courtesy of Betty Wu)

Greenville, South Carolina ~ August 4, 2018

Congratulations to Samara & Vincent, the lovely couple! Sweet Harmony found local violinist Ginger Greer to play their favorite Brazilian bossa novas, complete with backing tracks, as well as a unique lineup of pop melodies. Ginger chose to play her cool electric violin for their ceremony. And we received this exquisite series of photos from Anthony Cook at Coffee and Camera Photography! All took place in the breathtaking setting of the Janie Earle Furman Rose Garden at Furman University. Read Samara’s review on Google here.

Next up… Springville, CA!