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The Classic Quartet

The String Quartet

The Sweet Harmony Wedding String Quartet will make your wedding beautiful, romantic, and classical! Our musicians come from high-quality university music programs and have experience in many different kinds of ensembles over the years. We play with each other at weddings, in orchestras, at schools, and in local ensembles and we know each other’s style. A wedding string quartet is great for ceremonies with 100+ guests, and of course, we can play your entire reception including brunch or dinner. For that feeling of special moments and romance, there’s nothing like live music.

We know you want to hear variety, so we can mix it up with modern pop tunes (Ed Sheeran, Christina Perri, Bruno Mars, Train, Coldplay, Elvis Presley, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Elton John) and movie themes (John Williams) as well as the classics from Bach, Beethoven, Handel, Vivaldi, Wagner, and Mendelssohn. We can also add new arrangements to our repertoire for an extra cost (it varies). And we’ll play it all with our signature warm style!

When choosing your wedding string quartet music, we recommend that you ask… What kind of theme do I have for my event? Is it classy, funky, modern, traditional, elegant, fresh, or somewhere in between? Also, how many guests are coming and how much sound will I need? Will there be dancing, or is it a sit-down brunch or dinner?

We can help you put together the perfect ensemble and music for your event. We’ve been playing live wedding music since 2008 and Sweet Harmony has grown quite a bit since then — we now play more than 500 events each year. With our experience and understanding, your wedding will go more smoothly, sound better, and show off your personal style.

When you hire the Sweet Harmony String Quartet for your wedding, you’ll get all this and more. For that feeling of special moments and romance, there’s nothing like live music. Imagine professional wedding musicians giving you a heartfelt performance of your favorite song! And your guests will remember the live violinists at your wedding along with your creative vows, your gorgeous dress or sharp suit, and how special it was for everyone to be there.

Quartet Ensembles
Do you prefer the sound of a harp, piano, or guitar? Mix and match to create your perfect quartet.
  • Violin + Violin + Cello + Harp
  • Violin + Violin + Cello + Guitar
  • Violin + Violin + Cello + Keyboard
  • Sax + Keyboard + Bass + Drums
  • Violin + Violin + Viola + Cello

Samples of Different Quartet Ensembles

Can you imagine any of these at your special event? See which sound is the perfect fit!

Pop Songs - String Quartet
Instruments in this sample:
String Quartet for Weddings
Instruments in this sample:
Sweet Child o' Mine - String Trio with Guitar
Instruments in this sample:
Jazz Ensemble Sample
Instruments in this sample:
FAQ: Hiring Your String Quartet
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Can Sweet Harmony's string quartet perform specific songs for my ceremony?
What are the technical requirements for the musicians at the venue?
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