Why should we book live musicians?
How early should we book?
What songs do you play?
Can I choose all of the music for my ceremony?
What songs will you play for my cocktail hour or dinner?
Is there a charge for learning music that is not on your song list?
What instruments should I choose?
Will my song sound good on the violin or cello?
Is Sweet Harmony an inclusive company?
Can you tell me about the ukulele as a wedding instrument?
Will you give me a live sample performance?
Will you send me a bill or contract by email?
Can I choose the musicians who will come to play for my event?
Do you play the piano or an electric keyboard?
What are the considerations for an outdoor event?
What about a beach wedding?
How much space do you need?
We fell in love with this recording on YouTube. Can you play it exactly like that?
Will you come to the rehearsal?
Someone in our wedding is going to sing a song and we would like you to accompany.
After I have booked certain instruments, can I change them?
Are you insured?
Are there extra charges for travel/parking?
When will I be charged for overtime?
Do you have a microphone that our officiant can use?
When do I need to send you my song choices?
Should I tip you?
Where should we expect you to set up for the ceremony / reception?
Will you bring speakers or amplification?
What time will you arrive?
We would like to shorten our contracted booking time or cancel a part of the time.
Should I provide a meal for you?