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  • Solo Violin or Cello

A solo violin or cello will give you beautiful, elegant, and classical sound! These instruments can play the melodies of many hit songs and classical pieces. An unaccompanied string instrument performs without chords or backing rhythms, so the song needs to have a strong and varied melody. This song list includes music with melodies that are great for a violin or cello without accompaniment.

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  • Violin + Viola + Cello

A traditional string trio can play a wide variety of music with a classical flair.

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  • All Duos
  • Guitar/Keyboard Trios
  • Harp Trios

This is our largest song list for our ensembles that are the most versatile.

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  • String Quartet (Two Violins, One Viola, and One Cello)

The full sound of four string instruments is the best option for classical arrangements of pop music.