One-Page Booking Form

IMPORTANT CHECKLIST before you book:
  • Is your wedding in a church? Have you asked your church about bringing in outside musicians?
  • Is your wedding or event in a restaurant? Have you asked the restaurant about bringing in outside musicians?

This is a contract. If you are not sure which instruments to book, or not sure of your date, time, and location, then please use our Event Request Form.

Please fill in all the details of your event. Once you have read and initialed the Terms and Conditions, you may submit your booking. You will see a confirmation page and receive a confirmation by email. The confirmation page will have a PayPal button to make your deposit payment. Please note that we need both your booking form and deposit in order to hold your date.

This form is set up to give you the correct options based on the details of your event. So, please answer each question in the order it appears. Thank you.

General Information
This is a contract -- your first and last name are required.
(Bride, Groom, Relative of Bride or Groom, Event Coordinator, Host of Party, etc.)
Venue Location
There will be travel charges of $25 per musician to Staten Island (Richmond County, NY) and Long Beach Island, NJ.

Please inquire first if your event falls on a holiday. There will be additional charges for events taking place on certain days. Sweet Harmony is not available on Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, or Christmas Day.

Date of Event

January (except January 1), February (except February 14 and Valentine’s weekend), and March.

Please note: the seasonal discount only applies to weddings.

Type of Event
(If you do not see your event type listed here, please contact us.)

Performance Start and End Times

Choose "keyboard" if the pianist needs to bring a keyboard (if your event is outside, for example, or if there is no piano at the venue).

Include AM or PM – e.g., 12:30pm.

The prelude is a mix of music 15-30 minutes before your ceremony start time, for the guests as they arrive.

We will also play a postlude of one or two pieces after the ceremony, as the guests are exiting.

Choose "keyboard" if the pianist needs to bring a keyboard (if your event is outside, for example, or if there is no piano at the venue).
Choose "keyboard" if the pianist needs to bring a keyboard (if your event is outside, for example, or if there is no piano at the venue).
Choose "keyboard" if the pianist needs to bring a keyboard (if your event is outside, for example, or if there is no piano at the venue).
Rates and Reservations
Select your performance length, musicians and rates below. A wedding ceremony is one hour. A wedding ceremony with the cocktail hour immediately following is two hours. Also, please note that $75 will be added if you select a keyboard, and $125 will be added if you select a harp. These are equipment cartage fees.
A 10% discount is given for weddings during the months of January, February, and March. Select your performance length, musicians and rates below. A wedding ceremony is one hour. A wedding ceremony with the cocktail hour immediately following is two hours (unless you are having a 90-minute cocktail hour, which brings the total time to 2.5 hours). Also, please note that $75 will be added if you select a keyboard, and $125 will be added if you select a harp. These are equipment cartage fees. New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, and Valentine's weekend are not included in the seasonal discount.

Please note that the harp needs to set up on a hard surface (not grass or sand) in order to work the pedals.

If you have selected a harp, you must add on the $125 cartage fee.

If you have selected a keyboard, you must add on the $75 cartage fee.
If your event is in Long Beach Island, NJ or Staten Island (Richmond County), NY, you must add on the travel costs below.
Choose below if you might be interested in having your musicians participate in your ceremony rehearsal. Please indicate the rehearsal date and timing in the comments! In most cases, the rehearsal will be treated as an additional booking.
If food and drink is being served at your event, please indicate whether the musicians may partake of non-alcoholic refreshments and/or food during their break or after they have finished the performance. (For a wedding ceremony only, we will not expect food and drink.)

By booking Sweet Harmony through this website you are agreeing to the following terms. Before submitting your One-Page Booking please read them carefully and initial where indicated. Without your initials, your booking will not go through.

Many years of experience have taught us the best ways to handle conditions and situations that inevitably arise at weddings and special events. The following terms will explain what we need in order to serve you best. Please read carefully and ask if you have questions:

Weather Conditions

String musicians (violin, viola, cello, bass, guitar, and harp) performing outside will require a shaded area and will perform in temperatures of 60 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. All musicians need shelter from rain, even if it is only drizzling. Sweet Harmony reserves the right to decide when weather conditions are unacceptable for an outdoor performance. If shade is not available, we may be able to bring our own canopy or patio umbrella for an extra fee. If temperatures are in the 50s, our string players may be able to bring a three-sided tent for an extra fee, and we would need you to provide space heaters to place inside the tent. Musicians cannot play outdoors in temperatures lower than 50 degrees, even with a heated tent.

Your Deposit

As of April 16, 2020, for new bookings, our policy is that deposits will be carried over to a new date if the event is rescheduled due to the national health situation, but there are no refunds for cancellations. We will refund your deposit if we are not available for your new date.

This initialed contract and a 50% deposit are required for Sweet Harmony to hold the date and time of the event. The deposit will not be refunded if you cancel the event for any reason. In the unlikely event of performer cancellation, we will refund the deposit and make a good-faith effort to assist you in finding alternate musicians.

Sweet Harmony reserves the right not to perform if the facilities or space is not as described by the venue or by you (for example, an out-of-tune piano, or no shelter from direct sunlight for string musicians, or less than two feet of space surrounding the performers). In this case, the deposit will not be refunded.

The deposit is not refundable if the musicians are unable to play due to weather conditions (for example, a violinist in 50-degree temperatures). For outdoor events, a backup indoor location at the same date and time is strongly recommended.

Non-refundable deposits ensure that everyone makes the event a priority.

For weddings: Your balance payment is due the day prior to your wedding.

Changes or Cancellations of Musicians

When you book certain instruments, the musicians hold the date and time for your event and do not accept other commitments or opportunities for that time. There will be cancellation fees for any change of instruments or shortening of booking time.


We understand that events do not always go as planned, and it may happen that you need your musicians to stay later than your contracted booking time. For weddings, overtime charges take effect when the overage is 20 minutes or more. For all other events, overtime begins immediately after the contracted booking time is finished.

Overtime rates per musician are as follows:

20 minutes: $50
21-30 minutes: $75
31-45 minutes: $112.50
46-60 minutes: $150

If your wedding starts late, and/or the duration is longer than expected, the musicians will not leave early, but will stay and play music for all of the extra time that is needed, as long as they are able to stay. You agree to pay overtime for the additional time if your wedding starts late and/or runs longer than expected. Please note that you will not be contacted during the wedding to confirm the extra cost. This agreement serves as your notification.

This ensures that you will not be bothered with business during your wedding, the musicians will not need to stop the music to go and find you, and your wedding will have the music it needs. But, if you would rather that the musicians leave at the contracted end time, you can notify us of your decision before the wedding.

The only exception to this will occur if the musicians have a booking immediately following your event, and they must leave at the original contracted end time.

You are responsible for your musicians’ overtime payment whether the overtime is caused by you or by another individual or group related to your wedding, such as your venue, caterer, or officiant. If your guests are late and you choose to wait 20 minutes or more for them, you will need to pay overtime to your musicians.

For weddings, overtime payments are due immediately after the overtime work has occurred. For all other events, overtime payments are due when the overtime starts.

Arrival and Setup Times

Standard arrival time is 30 minutes before the musicians start to play. Some musicians will arrive earlier (for example, harpists and keyboardists who have more to set up). Arrival time is decided by the musicians. If you would like your musicians to arrive earlier than our standard, you will be charged for extra time.

Standard setup time is included in our rates and will not represent an additional cost to your contracted rate.

Extra Work Within the Contracted Time

You also agree to pay a fee for extra work done if there is a significant change from the original agreement. For example, hiring a musician to play one song, wait 45 minutes, and play a second song is different work than for the musician to play through the entire hour.

New Repertoire

There will be charges for requested music that is not on our song list. To give us adequate time to prepare, requests for new repertoire must be made at least seven days prior to your event.

The Piano at Your Venue

For Sweet Harmony to perform on an acoustic piano (such as the one provided by the venue), it must be properly tuned and the damper pedal must function normally.


Breaks can be adjusted for the flow of the event, but there must be at least one 10-minute break for each hour of playing. Meal breaks will take 15-20 minutes. Musicians playing a 30-minute prelude, a 30-minute ceremony, and a 60-minute cocktail hour will not need to take a break.


Sweet Harmony will wear formal black clothing unless otherwise requested.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Sweet Harmony does not accommodate requests for musicians of a certain gender, race, or age.

Unusual or Unsafe Circumstances

If this form is submitted with unusual instructions, such as performances during the late nighttime hours or in an environment we deem to be unsafe, we are not obligated to complete the performance, but we will contact you to try to work it out.

Terms and Conditions
The coupon will be applied to your deposit. After you submit this form, you will see a welcome letter with a button for "Pay Deposit." When you click this button, it will open a PayPal window with your deposit and coupon set up for you.

Please take a minute to check over the form to make sure all of your answers and requests are complete and correct. Make any changes, then book Sweet Harmony for your event by clicking the Submit button below. You will receive a confirmation email.

It may take a few moments for the form to process. There is no need to click the button again.

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